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About the Project

BlackRock’s mission is to make the arts accessible to all, regardless of socio-economic status. With this in mind, we are bringing quality arts education to local elementary schools for free and greatly reduced rates. The Arts are the universal language and we believe by exposing students at a young age to artistic inspiration all other aspects of their learning career will be enhanced.

BlackRock's Literacy Enhancing Program
infuses arts integration into school day curriculum as a tool to teach and greatly improve literacy skills for our most vulnerable population. We intentionally start with Pre-K & K children and continue to work with these students during their educational career at Montgomery County Public Schools to give high-risk students an opportunity to get ahead. Our highly experienced teaching artists become resident guest teachers to combine elementary school curriculum and engaging artistic mediums such as music, creative movement, dance, and drama in order to cultivate an environment for students to grow. 

BlackRock Literacy lessons are custom built in collaboration with classroom teachers to address the specific needs of each class through content, vocabulary, reading, math and science themes. All lessons are based on national and state education standards.

BlackRock will partner with James E. Daly Elementary and Germantown Elementary Schools which both suffer from distinctly limited arts and culture initiatives and programs. In fact, upper Montgomery County in general is less exposed to arts and culture in comparison to their counterparts in the same region. Benefitting from the proximity of the Center to both Dale and Germantown Elementary schools, BlackRock's staff will have maximum impact by both engaging with students at their schools and bringing those students to the center. Both schools represent a highly diverse student body: Dale Elementary has an enrollment of almost 100% minority student body; over 50% receive free or discounted lunches. Germantown Elementary has an enrollment of over 80% diversity with over 50% of the school's students receiving free or discounted lunches.

At the end of this program students will display their newfound skills in three performances either at the school or at one of the performance venues at BlackRock Center for the Arts.

With your support, we can continue to bring these programs to enrich at-risk and underserved youth of the Upcounty!

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