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I started showing an interest in dance at two years old. I was always dancing everywhere! I began my professional training at age 10 and was invited to join CityDance Conservatory at age 12. I loved ballet, and I always pictured myself stepping onto the stage in my pink pointe shoes and a lovely tutu. Actually, I always saw myself dancing the Swan Lake pas de trois variation, and that was a goal for me.

A few years ago, soon after I got to CityDance, I discovered that I had Severs disease, and I got a stress fracture close to the growth plate in my foot. Sadly, I could not dance at all for at least a year and a half - I almost had to give up dancing and ballet altogether. But I was patient and made a great comeback, and I am still in the Conservatory Program at CityDance! 

I have been studying 6 days a week and preparing for auditions to dance in a professional dance company. Our upcoming "Creating the Magic” concert will be a dry run for my audition pieces. I am training and coaching with our Ballet Master, the great and renowned teacher Stanislav Isaaev. As I am preparing now, I have been thinking about my first “Creating the Magic” concert at CityDance, when I also had my first moment in the spotlight in the Studio Theatre at Strathmore. I still remember putting on my first tutu and going through the ritual of lacing it up. You need other dancers or teachers to help you to secure the hooks and tie your final lace bow and tuck it in at the back. It is such a special experience to wear a classical tutu, and it feels like a complete transformation from the studio rehearsals to the stage performance! Everything feels different in a lovely tutu! And I was dancing my dream - the Swan Lake pas de trois variation - It was a TRULY magical moment!

-Kirby Brenner, CityDance Conservatory Dancer 

These are the magical moments that shape a young classical ballet dancer. Our goal is to raise $2k to purchase professional tutus and a professional tutu rack to store them. These lovely tutus can be worn by students at our Creating the Magic winter Conservatory showcases and our Conservatory Dancers in Concert performances. These beautiful tutus will benefit our students for years to come. We can’t do it without your support!

Photo credit Stanislav Issaev 

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