Art on camera: up close and personal

About the Project

BURNAWAY is expanding its video program, so we could really use some equipment beyond our iPhones! We've taken you into the studios of artists and makers, interviewed newsmakers, and visited exhibitions. So far, we've relied on the time and generosity of our contributors to produce these videos. With our own video equipment at our disposal, you'll get to see more and better video content, and learn more about artists and art movers-and-shakers in Atlanta.

Your donation will go to purchase a quality camera, tripod, flash, editing software and, crucially, a stipend for a videographer/editor. Even short videos take a lot of time and effort!

Please help us shine the spotlight on artists and creatives in Atlanta. 

Are you ready for your closeup? They are!


BURNAWAY is an online magazine and destination for engaged dialogue about art in and from Atlanta and the South. Our goal is to champion our region's vibrant creative community, to inspire and educate the public, to interpret the contemporary significance of art, and to make art and arts writing accessible to new audiences.

Matching Sponsors

Our generous sponsors will contribute $1 for every $1 donated to this project up to $5,000 ! (pending matching fund availability)

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    Give $25 and receive a copy of BURNAWAY #2: Exchange and a tote bag.

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    Give us $200 bucks and you can select an artist or person to be featured in an upcoming video! (Subject to the Editor's approval).
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    Give $300 or more and you can select the subject and be involved in the production, whether behind-the-scenes or on camera! (Also subject to Editor's approval).
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$53.38 of $10,000 goal ⋅ ended 1553 days ago
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