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ClancyWorks is a small company with big goals. Founding Director Dr. Adrienne Clancy’s creative process is an exploration of architecturally informed partnering work that uses dance to further teaching practices and learning outcomes by promoting tolerance, teamwork, community activism, and individual empowerment. Our choreographies are powerful, physically challenging and provocative while sensitively human and thoughtfully emotional.  

ClancyWorks has been invited to perform for many different organizations and festivals in the next year:
  • In the spring, we have been invited present at the 10th annual International Dance Day Festival in Byblos, Lebanon. This would be our first performance in the Middle East and a chance to connect with local artists and students.
  • The New Mexico Ballet has invited us to choreograph a new work on them. Dr. Clancy spent much of her artistic formative years in New Mexico, and she is eager to reconnect with old friends and also build new ties with the beautiful dancers of the NM Ballet Company.    

In addition, we are continuing to develop a new piece with groundbreaking British choreographer Lewis Cooke. Once it is finished, we hope to perform this piece in various festivals, both in the UK and the USA!  

At ClancyWorks, we believe in the power of making connections to enhance our community. It was while teaching in England that Dr. Clancy met Lewis Cooke and began a collaboration with him that may span years. That means bringing Mr. Cooke to meet with Dr. Clancy here in Montgomery County, where they will perform together for the community. Other artists that Dr. Clancy has met abroad have come here to perform and teach with ClancyWorks as well.  

However, all of these projects require international travel—either for us or our collaborators. Your generous donation will help us to pay our travel expenses so that we may perform and make connections in the coming year and beyond!  

About Clancy and Cooke’s new collaboration:
Why is it that some cultures have stigmas about aging and death and others embrace growing older?  How do cultural perceptions of aging affect personal self-worth?  Specifically, Beyond the Fountain explores the historical ways that different cultures either praise the wisdom and sage qualities of the elderly, while other cultures see the aging body as something grotesque and a symbol of shame. Clancy will collaborate with a choreographer at the beginning of his career to exploit the idea of physicality in relation to age, and draw upon their research of aging in contemporary and historical cultures.

Cooke’s signature technique, RelaxtoErupt, focuses on “clarity, playfulness, self-motivation, curiosity and pushing our bodies away from where [they are] naturally comfortable in order to find new pathways of moving.” The collaboration will combine Cooke’s style with Clancy’s penchant for using dance as a tool to address the social, emotional and physical challenges of the 21st century. Together, Clancy and Cooke will explore the concept of the aging body across various cultures. The resulting work will include solo pieces that Clancy and Cooke will perform in Montgomery County and around the world.

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