About Us


power2give.org was designed and created by the Arts & Science Council (ASC) in Charlotte, NC as a way to expand the support of the local cultural sector. Since its launch in August 2011, the site has grown and is now operational in communities across the United States. Fractured Atlas took over development and administration of power2give in October 2016.

What is power2give.org?

power2give.org is an online arts and culture marketplace. It matches donors with projects for which local nonprofits are seeking funding. It allows donors to breathe life into the arts and culture local community — project by project. It stretches donors’ dollars by letting community sponsors offer matching dollars to boost support for these important projects.

Who makes power2give.org possible?

  • Curators:  Each power2give site is hosted by a local Curator, who is the chief advocate for the arts in their region, usually a local arts agency. The Curator is responsible for championing the site and managing the execution of power2give.org locally.
  • Cultural Sector: With unique and specific projects, the cultural sector provides the needs that spark the passion and engages the donor.  By posting projects, and promoting their cause, the cultural sector drives traffic to power2give.org and helps make their projects a reality.
  • Individual Donors:  Fueled by the desire to give to the specific and worthy causes in the cultural sector, donors can support their passions and share the projects they support with friends, family, and co-workers. Social networking features make both contributing to and promoting the projects they love exciting and easy.
  • Matching Sponsors:  power2give.org is strengthened by individual, foundation and corporate sponsorship to create challenge matching grants, leveraging individual donors’ gifts, and helping fund technological upgrades to the system.
  • Host: The Arts & Science Council (ASC) is the 501(c)(3) in Charlotte, NC that envisioned and developed the platform. As of October 2016, Fractured Atlas is now the host of power2give.org.

More Information

If you would like more information about power2give, please contact Fractured Atlas at support@fracturedatlas.org or 888-692-7878.