Start Some Drama! Act 1, Send 25 Kids to Camp

Ruth Eckerd Hall

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About This Project

For kids, summer is a time of laughter and fun. At Ruth Eckerd's Marcia P. Hoffman School of the Arts, we pack summer camp with a lot of drama, music, art, dance and more creative experiences. Unfortunately, the truth is, there’s not always enough drama to go around. Not every family can afford to pay for summer camp, especially if they have more than one child.  Here’s where you can help us take the drama out of paying for summer camp for those parents and put it on stage where it belongs:

  • $20   sponsors 3 hours of play for a child
  • $40   sponsors a full day of imagination for a child
  • $100 sponsors a half of a week of laughter for a child
  • $200 sponsors a full week of adventures for a child

 About our camps:

  There’s something fun and educational for everyone 3-18 years old.

  • Campers act out, tap their hearts out, sing up a storm, make cool imaginative stuff, jam at jazz, and more.
  • Everyone performs in front of an audience with their own moment to shine.
  • Everyone makes friends and memories.

No child should be denied a camp experience because they can’t afford it. 

Project Budget

  • $200 for one jam-packed week of summer camp for 25 kids = $5000
  • hosting, admin and credit card fees = $682
  • Project total $5,682

Donor Benefits

All donors will receive:

  • a Thank You letter or email
  • a complementary entry to an end of the week summer performance

Donors of $1,500 or more will receive acknowledgement in our Applause Magazine.