About Us

Bringing Passion and Creativity Together in Tampa Bay.


The Arts Council of Hillsborough County is proud to host power2give.org/TampaBay, a new funding program that makes giving to the arts more accessible to all and allows anyone to easily give a gift to support specific arts projects or organizations they are most passionate about.

Based on a crowdfunding model, power2give.org/TampaBay provides a new funding source
for local arts organizations and, at the same time, empowers donors to give directly to local arts and cultural projects that inspire them. 

The concept is simple: Nonprofit organizations may list needs for a specific project – for example, costumes for an upcoming show or instruments for underserved children. Visitors to the site choose the project that matches their interests or touches their hearts and make a donation. The donation may be as little as $5 but that very important contribution supports local arts and enables creativity to flourish.  

power2give.org/TampaBay brings donors and organizations together to ignite passion and creativity in Tampa Bay.

Please browse our website to find your passion!


Questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us at tampabay@power2give.org.