Shakespeare & the Sphinx: The Riddle of the Missing Textbooks

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Since 1990, Kentucky Shakespeare has made the works of Shakespeare accessible for more than half a million kindergarten through twelfth grade students in all 120 counties of Kentucky as well as parts of Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia. We have reached over 1,000,000 children with our programs and are thrilled to continue our tradition of providing professional and educational programs to students of all ages.

We at Kentucky Shakespeare are always striving to expand our educational programming in order to make the performing arts available for a wide population of students. Collaboration is one of the many ways we are able to expand, and as of August 2013, are excited to announce a partnership between ourselves and the Sphinx Academy of Lexington, KY. 

The Sphinx Academy is a new and innovative secondary school serving 6th through 12th grades whose mission is to create a flexible blended learning environment where face to face personal attention is combined with online education. Their ultimate goal is to help students achieve their full potential by offering a setting that fosters creativity, integrity, independence, a strong sense of community, and a thirst for knowledge and learning.

Over the course of the 2013-14 academic year, Kentucky Shakespeare will offer both distance learning opportunities and in-house, hands-on theatre instruction with the students of the Sphinx Academy. This two-semester course will introduce students to the reading and study of dramatic literature, theatre’s function in society, all aspects of theatre’s process, and major movements in theatre history. In this course, students will analyze theatrical performances and literature with an informed critical eye and gain an understanding of theatre’s collaborative process through some practical experience in making theatre.

In order to assist in the facilitation of our hands-on theater instruction, we will require supplemental materials, i.e. textbooks for independent learning as well as for reading and homework assignments.

Approximate textbook cost per student is between $80.00 - $100.00. 

This $1,000 donation would be able to provide textbooks for approximately 10 students. 

For more information on the Sphinx Academy, please visit their website:

Donor Benefits

All donors will receive a personalized thank you letter from one of the Sphinx Academy students.