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Kentucky Shakespeare

Since 1990, Kentucky Shakespeare has made the works of Shakespeare accessible for more than half a million kindergarten through twelfth grade students in all 120 counties of Kentucky as well as parts of Ohio, Indiana, Tennessee, South Carolina and West Virginia. We have reached over 1,000,000 children with our programs and are thrilled to continue our tradition of providing professional and educational programs to students of all ages.

In an effort to meet to the educational needs and interests of our teachers and students, we at Kentucky Shakespeare are always striving to expand our educational programming. Starting in Fall 2014, Kentucky Shakespeare will be adding several new and exciting programs to our existing repertoire! Going beyond the works of Shakespeare, we will now be offering the following programs:

Faerie Tales from Across the World (Grades K-3)
In this program, our Artist Educators introduce drama through familiar faerie tales from all across the globe - Denmark, Italy, Russia, France, and Greece just to name a few! Students will have the opportunity to learn the history behind these famous tales prior to each performance, and the class will conclude with an interactive discussion of the morals being portrayed. Perfect for younger students, this program teaches the importance of hard work, honesty, self-confidence and much, much more!

Living History: Chronicles from the Commonwealth (4-12)
After high demand, Kentucky Shakespeare ventures into the history of our beloved state to bring you, ‘Chronicles from the Commonwealth,’ an overview of Kentucky’s history from its founding to its involvement in the Civil War. Through the use of  journals and other primary source documents, our Artist Educators are able to bring the story of the Commonwealth to life in a fun and an interesting way.

In this 60-minute performance, our Artist Educators present the history of Kentucky in a three-part production:

Act I: Daniel Boone/Frontier Kentucky
Act II: Lewis and Clark
Act III: Civil War

In order to maintain the quality of excellence expected from our programming, we need just a little funding to get our sets built, our props purchased, and our actors clothed!

New program cost breakdown:
Costumes: $350
Props: $130
Set: $400
power2give Fee: $120
Total: $1,000

Donor Benefits

Every donor will receive a signed letter of appreciation from the Kentucky Shakespeare staff.