About Us

Bringing Passion and Creativity Together.

The Fund for the Arts was founded in 1949 by Mayor Charles Farnsley as an umbrella fundraising organization in support of the Arts with a focus on economic development, education and a better quality of life for everyone. Today our mission remains the same.

Our Vision:

Together through the Arts we create a great American city!

Our Mission:

To maximize the impact of the Arts on economic development, education and the quality of life for everyone by generating resources, inspiring excellence and creating community connections.

In the spring of 2011, Fund for the Arts surveyed the community, and we heard your message loud and clear. You asked us to be relevant, innovative and evolutionary. power2give.org is our gift of innovation to you.

power2give.org is a groundbreaking new website that was designed by the Arts & Science Council in Charlotte, NC, to address changing trends in philanthropic giving. We are thrilled to bring power2give.org to Kentucky and Southern Indiana to allow anyone in the community to easily give a gift to the organizations and/or projects they are most passionate about.

With tools and resources for both donors and non-profits, power2give.org makes posting projects, promoting them to different audiences and giving to projects convenient for all involved.

Please browse our website to find your passion!

Questions? Check out our FAQ page or contact us at kentucky@power2give.org.