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About This Project

Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation invites you to support our efforts in boosting the academic achievement of 5th& 8th grade students starting next fall. Throughout the 2012-2013 school year, Park and Recreation is bringing the natural world into the classroom by providing hands-on environmental education to students in four Title 1 schools. This project will impact roughly 400 students across Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools and provide a total of 4,500 interaction hours of HAND’S ON, OUTDOOR, environmental science curriculum. All donations go directly to supplying the materials and other costs needed to run this project.

Experiences like this have been shown to improve student performance in the classroom, reduce student anxiety, and decrease behavioral incidents. The impact of projects like this stretches far beyond the science lab. At-risk students who spend time in hands-on outdoor learning have a 27% increase in measured mastery of science concepts, enhanced cooperation and conflict resolution skills; gains in self esteem and problem solving; motivation to learn; and classroom behavior.

Fifth grade students will participate in a variety of activities and labs such as monitoring local weather patterns, observing the web of life first hand and learning the examples of heat with marshmallow roasting experiments.  Eighth grade students gain a better understanding of the physics of fire through hands on experiments and document the impact we have on our hydrosphere through in-depth water analysis. They will also participate in five field trips examining the Geology of Crowder’s Mountain, helping the nature preserves through conservation projects and, camping on Copperhead Island.

    • One student’s scholarship for this project is $19, with 400 students participating across the county we need $7,600.
    • Field trips for the eighth graders cost $235 to cover transportation.
    • 5 field trips are scheduled for the year which comes to $1,175.


Donor Benefits

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina has recognized the health benefits to these students and our community through this project. Thanks to their generosity every gift given is matched DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR. You can make double the difference in your community by giving.

Every $20 donor receives a signed picture of one of our classes    

Every $50 donor receives the above and an invitation to our internet album so you can follow us throughout the year

All Donors receive an invite to our end of year celebration which will take place in late April