Adventure Camp Scholarships for Urban Youth

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About This Project

Help your city’s youth gain life changing experiences!

In an effort to bring the outdoors to the inner city of Charlotte, Mecklenburg County Nature Preserves and Natural Resources is taking its Outdoor Adventure Camps and placing them in the heart of our city. These camps are uniquely designed to provide Charlotte’s low-income urban youth with one of a kind outdoor experiences.

Each week kids get the opportunity to participate in many outdoor recreation activities including kayaking, fishing, hiking, and outdoor survival skills at McDowell Nature Preserve. To culminate each week’s outdoor experiences, field trips are taken to South Mountain State Park. There, kids hike to see the waterfalls and explore the cool stream water below in search of the critters that live there.

How do these camps make the biggest difference in the lives of our future generation?  

Urban youth not only enjoy a week of outdoor adventures, but by exploring where our water comes from and investigating our ecosystem they gain a valuable connection and understanding of the natural world. They learn how they can make a difference in our local environment, and why it’s important to do so.

There are four locations across the city where camps are taking place and over 125 youth who will be impacted by this project. Each location is targeted for youth of low-income neighborhoods who are most at-risk of not developing the skills, attitudes, and abilities to become successful adults. The children in these neighborhoods are also believed to have the least amount of interaction with the natural world.  

Scholarships provide one week of summer camp for our campers and each scholarship is $50. There are 127 scholarships needed which brings the total scholarship fund to $6,350

Help your city’s youth gain a larger perspective of the world around them by providing outdoor adventures through our camps!

Donor Benefits

Thanks to the generosity of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, every gift to this project is matched DOLLAR for DOLLAR. You are making double the difference by giving.

- provides two campers the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a new way.  Donors will receive a picture of our campers in action, and information about their experiences.

$200 - provides eight campers the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a new way. Donors receive a personal note of thanks from a camper. As well as a picture of a camper group.

All donors recieve an invitation to a campfire gathering to close the summer in late August.