Hoch Needs A New Coat

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Project Summary
The Hoch Heritage Center has been the Welcome Center of the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society (FLHS) since 1978. Every day it is visited by residents and guests who yearn to learn about the Greater Fort Lauderdale area, take a glimpse at Fort Lauderdale's past, and experience something truly unique. The Hoch Heritage Center is a public research library which houses archives and maintains over 380,000 historic photographic images,10,000 drawings, and over 1,000 linear feet of manuscript collections.

This structure has a humble beginning; it was built in 1949 and served as a post office annex. Within the last 63 years, it has been battered by hurricanes, abused with use, and has lost its luster. With your help, the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society will be able to beautify this building by repairing the exterior railings and applying a fresh coat of pastel paint to the exterior surfaces.

Project Specifications
Generous donations and matching funds will enable the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society to meet the following financial obligations and see this project through to completion:

Repair and Refurbishment Costs = $8,300 
    1. Surface & Stucco Prep & Painting
    2. Wood Trim, Hand Rails & Exterior Railings Repair 

power2give administrative fee = $996

Total project cost = $9,296

About the Fort Lauderdale Historical Society
The Fort Lauderdale Historic Society operates the Fort Lauderdale History Center. The Center is a museum complex which includes the 1905 New River Inn, 1905 Philemon Nathaniel Bryan House, 1905 Acetylene Building, 1907 King-Cromartie House, Hoch Heritage Center, and 1899 Replica Schoolhouse, Our mission is to bring the history of Greater Fort Lauderdale to life through education, research, and preservation for the enrichment of present and future generations.

Donor Benefits

$25 Contribution:  Donors will receive via email a thank you letter acknowledging their tax-deductible contribution.

$50 Contribution:  Donors will receive via email a thank you letter and memorable photographs of the Hoch Heritage Center shown at various stages of project completion.

$75 Contribution:  Donors will receive via email a thank you letter, project photographs, and a personalized Certificate of Appreciation.

$100+ Contribution:  Donors will receive via email a thank you letter, project photographs, and personalized Certificate of Appreciation. Additionally, donors will be given the opportunity to enjoy a cup of lemonade while touring the grounds of our historic campus.