Knock Our Socks Off!

Center for Puppetry Arts

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About This Project

The Center for Puppetry Arts receives many requests to appear at events with a puppet. While we currently offer Puppet Factories, giveaways, coupons, and an information table or booth for festivals and events, the Center doesn’t have a puppet that can effectively represent our organization out in the community.

But with your help, we can design and build this puppet!

Your support of this project will fund the materials, design, and building of Sockly, the Center’s dynamic new larger-than-life sock puppet for community outreach. When you see Sockly at festivals and events around Atlanta, and the joy and excitement he brings, you can take pride in knowing that YOU helped make this possible.

With Sockly, the Center can more effectively meet the needs of those requesting our presence or involvement in the community, while representing our organization in a more engaging and visual way and bringing the joy of puppetry to people of all ages.

Please give today and help make this project a huge sock-cess!

Project Budget
Materials                                                      $1,000
Design                                                             $500
"Story" design                                                 $500
Puppet builder (est. 4.5 weeks)             $2,700
Training Session for 6 puppeteers            $150
Performers                                                      $150

Total                                                            $5,000

Donor Benefits

Donate $10 or more and have your name listed as a Sockly supporter the Center's website.

Donate $50 or more and receive a copy of the original sketch of Sockly.

Donate $100 or more and receive an invitation for two to a behind-the-scenes visit with Sockly's creators, Jon Ludwig and Jason von Hinezmeyer.