Turning Guns into Shovels - Palas por Pistolas


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About This Project

FotoFest’s upcoming exhibition Crónicas focuses on contemporary Mexican artists who make work in response to their nation's protracted drug war. Artist Pedro Reyes is one of the featured artists. Mr. Reyes’ project Palas por Pistolas [Shovels for Guns] was a campaign for the voluntary donation of weapons in the Mexican city of Culiacán, which has one of the highest rates of gun-related deaths in Mexico. Guns were donated, no questions asked, and the guns were then destroyed and melted down into shovels. Reyes uses the shovels to plant trees in cities around the world. He collected 1527 weapons and created 1527 shovels: Reyes' goal is to plant 1527 trees.

FotoFest wants to bring Pedro Reyes to Houston to plant a tree during the exhibition of Crónicas.

What do we need?
Pedro Reyes lives and works in Mexico City. We are looking for donations to cover the cost of his airfare and accommodations for two days in February 2013. $2,500 should cover these costs, along with food and travel expenses, an identifying plaque, the shipping of the shovels from Mexico for the exhibition, and promotion of the event.

The tree will be donated by Trees for Houston.

Who are you helping?
The artist, Pedro Reyes, is very excited to plant a tree in Houston as part of the project. Houston’s size and proximity to the border makes it one of the main thoroughfares for the Mexican drug trade. Houston’s proximity also makes it an attractive destination for displaced Mexican Nationals fleeing the violence in their home country. There are few cities more appropriate than Houston for this project.

More information on the artist and the project is available online at www.palasporpistolas.org and www.pedroreyes.net

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Donor Benefits

All Donors will be listed on the FotoFest Website.

Under $100
  - Thank You! 
You have our appreciation, and will receive an invitation to the tree planting in February 2013, with an opportunity to meet the artist.

$100 - $250 - Many Thanks!! 
Besides our appreciation and an invitation to the tree planting in February 2013, we're offering a private curator-led tour of the Crónicas exhibition at FotoFest for you and your friends.

Over $250 -  Can't Thank You Enough!!! 
Let us show you just how much we appreciate you with invitations to the tree planting in February 2013, a private curator-led tour of the Crónicas exhibition at FotoFest, plus an invitation to dinner with the artist and FotoFest Staff.