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About This Project

Who knows how many future opera singers were inspired as fifth graders by Opera at the Carolina? How many composers? Musicians? Opera lovers?  For over twenty years, Greensboro Opera has made sure that every single fifth grader in the Guilford County Schools is exposed to live opera.

On February 19, 20, and 21,
hundreds and hundreds of public school fifth graders will pour into the Carolina Theater to see live opera.  Many will be dressed up with a little glitter, and all will be glowing with excitement.  For weeks before the February performance, their teachers will explain opera--the exhilarating stories told through magnificent music. 

This year, Greensboro Opera has upped the ante, and we need your help.  The "Write Your Own Opera" contest has received an enormous number of submissions from the county's fifth graders. The winner--eleven year old Annabel Gigley--will be in the audience to witness her splendid story as a one-act opera.  Annabel's opera will be paired with Gian Carlo Menotti's  Help! Help! The Globolinks!, a very funny children's opera with a serious point: music can conquer anything--even an army of aliens! 

Greensboro Opera couldn't be happier with our partnership with UNCG Opera, headed by Maestro David Holley.  Holley's musical associates and singers will give Annabel's opera and Menotti's the professional staging, costuming and singing the children deserve.  "Who likes opera?" Maestro Holley asks his fifth grade audience at the end of each performance. "We do!" shout the children. 

Please help us keep this unique gift to Guilford County's public school children alive and shouting!

Donor Benefits

Every donor who gives $100 or above will receive a copy of the first page of Annabel Gigley's opera--autographed by Miss Gigley (story author), Mark Engbretson (composer) and David Holley (librettist).

 Hold on to it! Your descendants will thank you!