Help put the magic in Isaac MizrahiÆs Magic Flute!

Opera Theatre of Saint Louis

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About This Project

Fashion icon Isaac Mizrahi has designed and will direct a gorgeous NEW production of The Magic Flute for the 2014 season at Opera Theatre of Saint Louis, but we need your support to make Isaac’s magical costumes a reality!

Isaac Mizrahi made his debut at Opera Theatre in 2010, designing and directing a production of A Little Night Music that attracted national acclaim.  He returns to St. Louis in 2014 to stage The Magic Flute, Mozart’s enchanting masterpiece.  The opera takes place in a fairytale land in which a prince goes on a quest to rescue a beautiful princess.  The prince is accompanied by his friend, the bird-catcher Papageno.  Isaac’s design for Flute features an array of colorful animals, including Papageno’s sidekicks – the Ostrich, the Owl, and the Chick -- three of the most glamorous, elegant birds we will ever see onstage!

Isaac’s beautiful bird designs each require hundreds of custom-dyed feathers, hand-crafted headpieces, and even a special corset for the Chick.  Project costs for the three costumes include:

Feathers (approximately 300 per costume) - $3,178
Custom dye for feathers and fabric (8 colors) - $817
Hand-crafted headpieces for each bird (3 total) - $965
Custom leotards and tights (3 sets) - $681
Custom corset for the Chick - $375
Handcrafted skirt for the Chick - $114
Custom pointe shoes (3 pairs) - $340
Hand-crafted owl feet (applied over pointe shoes) - $340
12% power2give administrative fee - $817

Total project budget - $7,627

Your gift will help Opera Theatre pay for the materials needed to bring these three beautiful birds to life, and will give you an insider’s perspective on this exciting new production! 

Donor Benefits

$25 donation:  Receive a thank you note from the Ostrich, the Owl, and the Chick, accompanied by a souvenir feather.

$75 donation:  Receive a photo of Opera Theatre’s artists in the completed bird costumes (courtesy of J. David Levy Photography).

$150 donation:  Receive copies of Isaac Mizrahi’s renderings for the three bird costumes.

$250 donation:  Receive a backstage tour during Opera Theatre's 2014 season, where you will see the completed bird costumes in person.

$500 donation:  Receive an invitation to the first orchestra dress rehearsal for The Magic Flute during the 2014 season, to see the completed bird costumes before the general public.

$1,000 donation:  Receive an invitation to the production team presentation at the beginning of the 2014 season, where Isaac Mizrahi describes his designs for The Magic Flute.