Let Us Be Heard! Hark! A New Sound System Awaits!

Actors' Theatre of Columbus

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About This Project


Actors' Theatre of Columbus (Ohio) is celebrating its 32nd year of providing free classical theater to central Ohio residents in a beautiful outdoor amphitheater nestled in Schiller Park in the heart of the city.  We are modeled after successful "Free Shakespeare" programs developed in major cities such as New York, Chicago, and San Francisco. Our productions inspire audiences to assess, absorb, and infuse classic theatre's timeless lessons into their daily lives. 


We want to ensure that Actors' Theatre continues to enlighten, enliven, delight and entertain audiences in our beautiful outdoor amphitheater.  The bard told us to "Speak low, if you speak love."   And we hope to be able to do just that!

 We propose an experiment. Go into the nearest bathroom, close the door and yell "CAN ANYBODY HEAR ME?" (Go ahead...we'll wait) Did you hear that sound come right back to you? That's called acoustics and it can be very helpful in theatre.

Now, go outdoors and yell the same thing. (You've got time...we'll still wait) Nothing back, right? 

Now imagine saying phrases like "You scullion! You rampallian! You fustilarian! I’ll tickle your catastrophe!" or "Methink’st thou art a general offence and every man should beat thee" so that 1500 people sitting in the grass in front of you can not only hear you but also understand that they should be greatly offended by what you just said to them. You see why presenting Shakespeare in the great outdoors can be a challenge.

We don't like to toot our own horns, but for the last 32 years, we've done an outstanding job bringing classical theatre to Central Ohio. However, we've spent a large portion of the last ten seasons MacGyvering our current sound system into a state of usefulness. To continue our mission, we need to replace this antiquated system so that our audience knows when to laugh, or cry, or swoon. 

This brings us to Phase One of our master sound plan: We need your help to start replacing the system piece by piece. We are trying to raise $7825 to begin. Here's what that money will buy:

Number Needed
Make/Model Price per piece
AKG-WMS470 Wireless Mic System
$629.00 $5,032
2 Whirlwind-16x4, 100 foot Audio Snake
$400.00 $800
2 K&M-21302 Hand Crank Speaker Stands
$280.00 $560
1 Behringer-XENYX XL2400 Live Mixer Mixing Board
$650.00 $650
  10% Administrative Fee

    TOTAL  $7825

Better still, through the generosity of organizations such as GCAC, The Columbus Foundation, Cardinal Health and JP Morgan Chase, every dollar you donate will be met dollar for dollar by these groups! Here's your chance to make your dollar to Actors' Theatre go further.

Donor Benefits

Pledge $1 or more
Receive the knowledge that a grateful theatre company couldn't do this without you.

Pledge $10 or more
The above reward and a Shout-Out on ye old interwebs (Yeah. There's no old-fashioned way to say our website and our social networking pages)

Pledge $25 or more
The previous awards, plus a thank you note written in a poetic prose befitting the approval of your high school English teacher

Pledge $50 or more
You'll get these other great gifts and we'll let you take one of these bad boys on a test drive. We'll wire you up during intermission at the performance of your choice and you can take the stage and feel the power of an audience hearing your every word. (This could be your ticket to fame...you never know.)

Pledge $100 or more
Each award we've already listed and acknowledgement of your gift listed in our Season Playbill, during the entire season.

Pledge $250 or more 
The aforementioned rewards along with a personalized quatrain in your honor to be read during the curtain speech at the performance of your choosing during the 2014 season.

Pledge $629 or more
All this other cool stuff and we will inscribe your name on one of the new mic packs and name it in your honor. For example:

Stage Manager:     The performance is about to start, let's get you hooked up to 'Xavier'.

Random Actor:      Great! 'Xavier' is my favorite microphone!

Pledge $1000 or more
Anything you want from the other things mentioned and a memorial plaque placed on the new sound booth so that generations of actors and production crew will know of the legend that is YOU.

Pledge $3912.50 (That's exactly half of the goal, we think. You might want to check our math.)
Since your donation would be doubled, your gift would single-handedly take us to our goal. While we think that knowledge alone should be prize enough, not only would you receive all of the previous rewards, we will also bring you the royal treatment at the performance of your choice during the 2014 season. We will have special reserved seating waiting for you, a delicious picnic dinner, a meet and greet with the cast after the show, a tour of the backstage area and a cast and crew signed copy of the script from the show you're seeing.