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Our creative team includes Michael & Sandy Bashaw, David Sherman and Tim Berger. Our organization partners are Involvement Advocacy and Welcome Dayton.

Since its release last June, our first locally-produced YouTube sensation Where There Is Love has been viewed by nearly 200,000 people in over 200 countries – celebrating Dayton and helping to put our immigrant-friendly initiative on the map. If you haven't seen the video yet, check it out at createdayton.com.
Prompted by the success and continued enthusiasm for the first video from both the regional and global communities, our creative team is gearing up for a brand new music video, featuring a new cast of multicultural musicians, singers and dancers from across the region. And now YOU will play a part in making it happen.

WHY $10,000.00? 
During our first collaboration, we discovered how much we loved working together and did so very efficiently. So with that production experience under our belts, we are ready for an even more ambitious project. We're delighted that Andy Snow has joined our team as Director of Photography. And we will be renting some specialized film and sound equipment. In addition, your donation will help fund pre-production, music direction and fees for dozens of artists.

As before, the new video will be shot in the greater Dayton area. Dayton, after all, sits at the convergence of five rivers – a perfect metaphor for the blending of people, cultures and ideas. Great things happen at the point of convergence. But we need you to join us to make this happen. In this case, every dollar really DOES count. So, please give today.

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Receive a CD featuring Where There Is Love (2013) and the new song — *plus an unreleased bonus track

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Receive a DVD featuring the music videos for Where There Is Love (2013) and the new song — plus never-before-seen bonus content

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Attend the studio recording of the new song and music video

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Attend a private screening event with the musicians and creative team behind the new music video

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Make a cameo appearance in the new music video

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Receive a producer credit for the new music video